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Paddleboard hire package for just £45 for 3 hours


If you are a competent paddler but don't have your own paddleboard or you have family or friends in the same boat, then our SUP pick up and go service will be right up your street. Our SUP pick up and go service provides you with the opportunity to collect a board, paddle and equipment and enjoy 3 hours paddling at your leisure. We just ask that you look after our equipment as if it were yours and return it at the end of the session as agreed. We may be able to offer a drop-off and collection service, so do enquire when you book.

Our friendly team will make sure you have all the kit you need and provide a crash course on packing and unpacking the paddleboard. In addition to the paddleboard, paddle, pump and buoyancy aid (which must be worn at all times whilst on the water), we can also provide a dry bag and waterproof tops (subject to availability).

This service does not include safety cover and so it is only suitable for intermediate to advanced paddlers. If you are unsure whether you fit into that category then please contact us and we can discuss your previous SUP experience and level of proficiency. 

Your safety is always paramount

With Stoked, it is not just a case of here is your kit and away you go, we take safety very seriously. We run a tight ship and our team are there to support you from the minute you arrive. Whilst you are away on your adventure, we can't provide the safety cover which we do for our normal hire operation and so we ask that you respect our equipment, respect other water users and most importantly respect the water.

We trust you will find our SUP pick up and go service seamless and enjoyable. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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